Everybody Lies...

Mixing tribal music from Tibet and Indonesia and sounds of children'svoices with a touch of soul, he creates
influential melodies bychipping and editing the sounds. A mix of synthesizer sounds whichintertwines with a
unique chord, he creates an intense beat that fitsin the breakcore genre. From Acid House to Amen Break,
and Hip Hop to Fusion, he linkskeywords together to produce new sounds for the Electric Scene. Aunique
individual with his original style, known as DE DE MOUSE.His concert style consists of individuality and is
full of energy,with a creative imagination and aggressive band ensembles whichincludes twin drums; he
dramatically edits dance remixes to produceone-a-kind soundtracks. Being a DJ is not his only act, though--he
also collaborates with manyartists and creators from all over the world in the fashion, game, andgraphic industry.

DE DE MOUSE caught high attention in the indie music scene beginning with his live performances in 2005,
where he combined beautiful melodies with growling vocals and voice sampling from other stars like hoomy.
His RAW LIFE concert in October of 2006 was said to be so incredible that it is now the stuff of legend.
January of 2007 saw the release of his first work 'tide of stars', which was actively welcomed at CD shops
and boasted high sales. His instrumental work also garnered the respect of other artists and creators, despite
having no promotion whatsoever. Following performances as part of various events, he moved to producing
music for Suzuki Takayuki's fashion show for the 2008 Spring-Summer Collection in October 2007. In May 2008,
he released his second full album, 'sunset girls', which also served as his major debut with record label avex.

Для тех кто не "спитч ту инглиш" Online переводчик вот здесь :right: чтоб понять хотя бы суть биографии.
Отсебятина - Вызывая нестерпимую ностальгию, электроника De De Mouse несёт в себе нечто
космическое, солнечное, что возвращает воспоминание о детстве. Андрогинный компьютерный голос
наигранно восхваляет что-то, в то время как ритм-секция отбивает незамысловатый марш. Мозг проекта,
исполнитель Daisuke Endo играет мега зажигательные аранжировки на клавишных, заряжая невероятным
и радужным позитивом свои композиции. Именно это свойство помогло De De Mouse несколько
лет назад выйти на японскую музыкальную сцену.

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